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Washing and Care

All garments are better washed at 30c than hotter! Ideally wash inside out and try to avoid tumble driers (especially on HOT)

Overfilling your washer will definitely cause your items to wear out faster, and pill too. They need space to move about and rince properly. The total cost of doing a wash might be 50p yet contain £100+ of clothing. Don’t trash your best clobber trying to save pennies!

White Garments with full colour images, logos, text, etc printed using TTC 3.1
washing wash 30c to 40c – medium iron OVER DESIGN to restore colour

Full colour images on NOT WHITE garments
Gentle wash at upto 30c. wash inside out and drip / line dry. DO NOT IRON !

Solid Colour TEXT, Shapes, and simple logos using ‘Magicut’
Wash as per garment instruction upto 65c. Do not iron over design.

Garment Specification

Printing is done at high pressure and temperature. Not all fabrics are suitable!

PRIMARK and H&M are a popular source of inexpensive tops, but we have found the quality can be very variable, and know you can get better results on higher quality tops.

If you want to wear tops for a long period we always recommend premium tops for longer wearing enjoyment.

WE do have an alternative print method at 130c for more delicate garments, and generally print football shirts at 150c

All our garments are new & mostly 100% cotton. If you wish to provide your own garments THEY ARE PRINTED AT YOUR OWN RISK!
Best results are obtained on new & unwashed fabric with a high cotton content.
Fabric should be tight weave or uniform stretch. Ribbed weaves can mis-shape.
Polyester and Poly:cotton mix fabric can become shiny or discolour during printing.

We have obtained good results on a wide variety of products including:

  • Canvas, wool, silk (reduced floatyness) many man-made fabrics, etc COTTON IS BEST.
  • Spandex, Lycra etc can be ok. small designs work best so stretch is not restricted
  • If Providing your own garments-please label each clearly with what is required

Fabric Tests
If you wish us to do a fabric test we charge £1.50 and will use a small scrap offcut.
Artwork We will print good colour but cannot guarentee colour matching
PLEASE SPECIFY DESIGN SIZE in mm – also place on garment
The better the quality of your artwork – the better the printed result!
From flatwork – eg photographs, drawings, pictures, printouts, etc
From File – supply as .jpg, flat photoshop, tiff at 200dpi.
Artwork in Word or Powerpoint MAY INCUR EXTRA CHARGE we cannot mirror!
If you require a specific font – please bring it with you as a separate font file.


I understand that good fabricks should not go bobbley unless the washing machine is overloaded. You will get best reults from your wash, and longest life for your garments and washing machine by not overfilling.

Fading Colours.

All coloured cotton garments loose colour and fade over time but you can slow or reduce this fading.

Most dyed fabricks are mass produced, and made in the factory as quickly as possible. Dye, Dry, and Out !

You can extend the colour life of your coloured cotton tops by fixing the dye before use.

Wash in cold salty water, traditionally urine was used, but I’m not recommending that !

Just wash your tops in salty cold water, rinse,  and dry as normal. The colour will now be better ‘fixed’ and the garment should show less fading throughout the rest of it’s life.



Artwork and Printing

We have 4 different print technologies with different qualities and characteristics. They can be combined for unique customization of your printed apparel with logos, text etc


White Garments with full colour images
Printed Area upto A4 – the colour print ‘floats’ on the white fabric requires a different process

Full Colour Images on NON WHITE Garments
Printed Area upto A4 applied as a ‘patch’ – which can be square, round or contoured to your design, but is solid.

Full ‘Floating’ Colour onto NON WHITE Garments
This new WOW process gives you unique full colour printing which floats on your fabric just like a screen print – except you can order just 1, and can have it ready in 1 hour! You can include WHITE in your design!!! – Please supply as trasnparent .png file in RGB at 300dpi at final size.

Solid Colour Text, Shapes and simple Logos
Using ‘Magicut’ technology for a fantastic look & feel. Any sized print area but design must be fairly simple and without very fine detail

Sublimation printing onto polyester fabrics full colour & no ‘feel’
Using ‘Sublimation’ we can achieve super high quality & permanant print onto sports / technical performance polyester fabrics. We can only die darker, and need blank garments to be white for full & true colour. Fabric retains breathability & does not get ‘damp’ behind the print if the wearer perspires.


ARTWORK PREPARATION- we can only work with your own artwork – please don’t ask us to grab copywrite images off the web at logobear to print for you.

You MUST supply your own artwork

Our prefered format for most work is as a J-Peg ( name.jpg ) in sRGB (the photographic norm) sized at upto 300dpi at final size. Floating designs best supplied as transparent .png again in sRGB

FONTS – they reside on the computer you are using, and often do not move with the document you have created. You must supply pc type fonts if we need them.

File size/resolution is important, and you should be aware that small images obtained from the internet can look disappointing when scaled up to a large printable area. (and internet images ARE copywrite unless expresslylisted as otherwise)

You can create a ‘visual’ in word or whatever you have, – but normally we cannot print this artwork and will just use it as a guide.

We may need to charge for creating some types of artwork, – or modifying yours so we can work from it.

Designs for embroidery need to be ‘digitized’ as a one-off charge. This is very specialist, – and unfortunately not somthing a graphic designer can do with photoshop.

Designs for cut vinyl printing need to be vectorized either by tracing from a j-peg or better still by supplying as ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR file (saved in version 4) without any guidelines etc.

Specific fonts may been to be supplied to match your corporate identity..

PLEASE NOTE – we do not guarentee pantone matching, – although we are usually very close, – please arrainge for a sample if this is critical to you.

Photo Gifts
Calendars, Mugs, Mousemats, Badges, Towels, Pillow cases, cushion covers, Giant enlargements, Photo restorations of old / damages pictures, Photo fliers & Business cards. Photo Badges are great for birthdays, hen dos, or a laugh !

On All Orders
Priced according to print area and complexity

The better your artwork – the better the print !
Jpegs are preferred, and please try to avoid PDF or MS Office types of files.
Upto 300DPI at final print size

Copyright & Trademarks

Logobear exist to help you wear YOUR IDEAS – not to steal someone elses.

If you supply us with artwork, you are saying that you have permission to use it, Logobear are merely acting as your agents to help you produce your design.

It would be wrong of us to copy and print a posh brand logo onto an item, and we won’t do it.

Similarly, – you can be confident that if you bring an idea to us for printing, – we won’t run off lots of extras and betray your trust.

I’m sure you appreciate the letter of the law, – but remember that most of the great ideas are adaptations of others ideas.

LogoBear regularly print parody t-shirts for customers, – so if it’s your idea, – then no problem.

LogoBear respect the creators of unique artwork, materials, and ideas, and we ask you to respect us in this principal.

DISCLAIMER: We act on the understanding that the client has the authority to use the trademark logos

Ethical Trading

As you will be awaire, mass producing cheap blank garments can be environmentally damaging and envolve poor working conditions.

Logobear can source garments from a wide range of suppliers, some of whome have fantastic policies, while others just work to minimum standards.

Probably the most sustainable supplier is probably ‘Continental’ clothing www.continentalclothing.com who have active policy on organic fairtrade sourcing, and carbon counting and minimisation.

Continental produce excellent garments, but they carry a big premium price, and there can be long delays before getting stock ….. We typically recommend suppliers who sign up to WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited production) WRAP is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to the certification of lawful, humane and ethical manufacturing throughout the world.

I have looked into all our other chosen suppliers including: Fruit of the loom, Gildan, Premier, Just Hoods, Hanes, and more. These links are about corporate responsibility; if you want to look at garments – look at the catalogue section of our website

All have published ethical policies, avoid child labour, and are signed up to one industry standard or another.

I will add more infomation and links when I can, but be assured that the responsible production of garments is important to me, and I would encourage you to ask about organic or fairtrade apparel.

You are welcome to supply your own garments, – or why not recycle old items with a bit of new print or embroidery to freshen it up !

If you do supply old/pre work/washed items. Please ensure they are absolutely clean,. – and have had a thorough rince cycle too. Applying heat and pressure can cause residual detergent to cause permamany staining.

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