George – Managing Director

George had been the manager of Logobear for over 14 years; as of last year, he became co-owner and Managing Director.

With his vast experience in the printing and embroidery field, he is a fountain of knowledge.

Customers have also been known to call him a Legend – which to this day he still brags about

Phil – Director

Phil started the specialist printing business in 1987, printing 1 hour photos for the first 23 years. He has been owner of Logobear since 2008; whilst being a veteran in the shopkeeping game, Phil is an expert of knowledge in the printing processes, always looking for what is next.

He is like a rare white tiger, you might see him every once in a while.

Stu – Manager

Full Time Grafter and Pandemic Workhorse.


Top Bloke.

P.S Yes I did write this one myself lol.

Sam – Apprentice

In the Summer of 2021, Sam joined up with Logobear to become our newest apprentice. He has mastered the art of hoovering and taking the bins out – also good at printing, whilst showering his creative knowledge into all tasks and future ideas; especially in terms of marketing.

Don’t let the long hair and cargo pants fool you – he knows a lot about rap and is often fond of Kid Laroi. Most of the staff don’t have a Scooby who Kid Laroi is.