Logobear Ltd grew services and capabilities from experience in our previous business, Spectrum Imaging.

“I’ve always had a number of favourite t-shirts – and they were never ones from your branded regular high street outlets, I always had a liking for the ones made for friend’s bands, or ones that relate to my personality” explains our founder & Director Phil Rigby.

With this mindset, we have gathered the very best in personalisation technologies. Services are specially geared to fast service and great quality. We love helping customers face-to-face with their designs, logos, artwork ideas and projects.

As Phil explains, ”The geeky part of me obsesses with having the best production equipment and material to match the high standards that we set for ourselves; this allows us to offer top quality service to the people of Newcastle and the wider North-East”

The best equipment doesn’t mean higher prices, as we can save in improved efficiency and reduce waste. We can embroider, laser print, sublimate, vinyl, transfer print and screenprint.

We do it all from our shop in Newcastle upon Tyne, which you can visit Five days a week (Monday to Friday). You can still order online, but have the reassurance of a genuine physical shop where you can try on garments, or even supply your own.


Logobear Ltd

Founder of Logobear, Phil Rigby