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Embroidery is a timeless way to decorate garments and work wear, that should outlast the garment life.We have 3 single head machines, so are agile and able to quickly personalise your uniforms, work-wear, strips, or gifts like towels and robes. Send your logo now

Logobear offer embroidery services to Newcastle, Gateshead, Tyneside, Tyne & Wear and across the North East.

Anything except simple text must first be ‘digitized’ – this process involves an artist re-creating your company logo in stitches. the length, direction and colour of each stitch ensures quality decoration. Adjustments need to be made for different fabric types, so advise us what is your choice garments when placing the order. Digitizing has a setup cost and typically takes under 24 hours. Once we have your digitized logo, or if we are just doing simple text, we can normally complete small orders within a day or two.  Please be aware that service time will vary according to our workload.

Some embroidery designs have solid fill backgrounds, (such as VEGAN) which make for a very high stritch count and can slow production. We are able to switch thread colours if you wish to decorate different coloured garments.  We are happy to do one-offs for personalised towels, soft toys, and memory cushions.

Visit us at 74 Clayton street, Newcastle NE1 5PG or contact us via email info@logobear.co.uk or use the Contact form.

Vinyl is an ideal print method for solid simple designs that need strong colour and good washability.

We carry 30+ colours, and have speciality finishes such as hologram, sparkle, glow in the dark, and dayglow.

Vinyl is ideal for short run and one off items and can be applied to any coloured garment and nearly every fabric type. We advise caution when used on super stretch dance, gym & swim wear as the vinyl will reduce the stretch of the fabric, and might be prone to shorter life.

Logobear carry speciality vinyl for colourblock and adhesion to special fabrics including swimwear, nylon and waterproof shells.  Vinyl washes well (max 40c) but it is best to avoid tumble drying for longest life. Logobear can print t shirts in Newcastle upon Tyne same day service and individual names can be applied for stag and Hen do’s Sports teams can have player names and numbers applied to the team wear. We have a vast selection of fonts suitable for print, and have special sports fonts for team wear.

Vinyl is particulary effective for fonts and clean solid logos, but doesn’t handle distressed or vintage effects. Vinyl can be layered, or combined for multi colour decoration.

Laser transfer is how we began garment printing in 1990 and it still has a place today.

Laser transfer is FAST & perfect for full colour designs on white fabrics.  It can include text, photos, logos, drawings etc – anything, – all the same price & process. It does loose some strength over time, but I have T’s I made over 20 years ago that still carry an un-cracked print. It has a soft feel after the 1st wash, and is an inexpensive way to get full colour on small and medium runs of unto 200 items. Always on a super fast turnaround, usually an hour or two after we get the garments.

Laser transfere on white garments has no limitations beside area of transfere – A4 or A3 max. You can use as many colours as you like, and detail, photos, logos or text are all the same.

We also have laser products for full colour logos and photos on black & non-white t-shirts ideal for photos for stag/hen or sponsorship memorial garments.

Advanced laser transfers utilize specialist white toner laser printers and allow full colour floating artwork created on transparent backgrounds.



Screen printing is perhaps the most traditional way to decorate larger numbers of garments. Logobear have invested in digital screen generation, so our prints can hold more fine detail than traditionally expected.

Logobear can offer same day screen printing on jobs of upto 50 items 1 colour, though more typically this could take a few days. The system has a maximum print area of 240x470mm and is good for 1 and 2 colour applications. We also offer full colour and larger print areas but service time can be upto 2 weeks.

Because logobear use digital screens, incredible half tone detail is possible. Below are some examples of what can be achieved with our system.





Mugs are a super way to show appreciation, or promote your cause. We use UK suppliers that dishwash test to 1000+ cycles, so you know colours will remain strong.

The 10oz (half pint) ‘Durham’ mug is by far the most popular, and we typically offer a 1 hour service for small orders. We also have soup mugs (with a spoon) a larger ‘Megamug’ ones with coloured rims and handles, and some daintier mugs – nicer for a good cup of coffee.

Our mugs are printed using the sublimation process, – which is fantastic with colour and has a nice glossy appearance, – good for 1000+ dishwasher cycles. We cannot print on client supplied mugs as they need to be specially coated to take the decoration.

Cartons of 36 usually 1 day, and 2 or 3 cartons within a few days.

Artwork is 77mm high x 200mm wide and can include photos, logos and text. We are happy to help you with layouts, – so please enquire!

Sublimation is a permanent method of decorating polyester fabrics especially technical sports wear. A special ink is fused directly into the fibre, and creates a result that does not change the feel or texture of the fabric. Logobear can offer same day sublimation printing in Newcastle upon tyne.

Sublimation can only make fabric darker, and full colour is only available on white.

Our current maximum print area is A4, but we frequently decorate runner & cyclist tops with multiple sponsors logos etc front & back. Ask us if we can help.

We offer traditional analogue screen print, and soon will offer super fine digital screen print.

Roland Eco Sol print & cut is a brilliant durable method of thermal garment decoration.

Direct to garment printers look promising, but we remain sceptical about print life and durability. We will not invest until convinced of long term value.

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